Friday, July 23, 2010

Emily Margaret On My Mind

Good morning friends!
Yes, I'm here with another back-to-back
post on the adoption blog.
It seems now that we're back from vacation
I have Emily Margaret on my mind a lot.
Hhmmm, let's think this through.
For one we saw tons of beautiful Asian
children while on vacation.
It provided the perfect time to talk more
about Emily Margaret with the kids.

My second reason for baby girl brain,
is that vacation served as a time frame.
As in, "When we get back from vacation
I'm going to combine the boys' bedroom.
So that they will be settled before going back to school.
Then this fall I can concentrate
on Emily Margaret's room."
Now it's time to get busy.
I've already decided to start this weekend.
Does that make us one step closer to a match??
I hope so!

Last but not least,
God is continuing to work in our lives.
Remember me talking about that awhile back?
Well God really is equipping us in every imaginable way.
August 1st Andy starts his new job.
New job as in leaving his home away from home
for a God led adventure.
We're nervous and excited,
but mostly we're in awe.
We weren't even looking for this opportunity.
It's as if God said, "Will you lay down your old life?
Once we said "yes" He replied with
"Here, take this, you're going to need it."
And just like that we have better insurance benefits
along with more money to put towards our adoption.
Ooohhhh how I LOVE it when God shows out!

Last night we talked about how
l-o-n-g this process is taking.
I surprised myself by saying "I like it that way."
"What" Andy replied??
Because those of you who know me 
are fully aware that I'm the queen of impatient.
If we'd rushed right through this
we'd be inadequately equipped
for the daughter God prepared for us.

"Do not be afraid for I am with you,
I will bring your children from the east
and gather you from the west." Isaiah 43:5

So I'm off to rearrange bedrooms with the boys,
while mentally preparing for our job change.
I'll keep you posted.
Pray we see our baby girl soon!

God's blessings, Sarah :)


Tara Anderson said...

There is no doubt that God uses our waiting to grow us and prepare us for our newest additions. Praying for you, my friend!!!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Its going to be a good one! Have fun rearranging! No wonder you've been MIA on twitter.