Friday, October 16, 2009

Love Without Boundaries

Hi all and happy Friday!
It seems like God has done so much in the last seven days.
The comfort and love HE has provided is absolutely indescribable.
HE is so full of mercy.

As you know God has made it quite clear that Emily Margaret will come to us through the special needs program.
While we are still getting our game plan going I have been doing tons of research.
Research on adoption, China, special needs, fundraisers, financing options.
All I can tell you is that it's a good thing I'm ADD and frequently changing course comes natural for me! :)

Last night I just couldn't get my mind to simmer down.
So while everyone else dozed off to sleep I slipped into the living room.
With Tiger curled up beside me I lulled myself with blog hopping.
I had stopped by the site Love Without Boundaries before, but this time was different.
Their work was so much more real to me.
I couldn't help but smile at all the beautiful babies that benefit from their services.
Basically they have two homes that are specifically for infants with cleft lips/palates.
They take them in and offer them high calorie feedings with special feeding devices and lower child to Nanny ratio.
Exactly what those sweet babies need.
Once they have them in good health they bring in a team that performs all of the needed repairs.
After their surgery and recovery period they return them to their previous orphanages to be adopted into their predestined forever families.
All I can think is WOW!!!
So please, take a moment to check out this wonderful mission work that is taking place in China.
But most importantly, keep these precious babies in your prayers.
You never know, one of these angels could be Emily Margaret!
God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah :D

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Tara Anderson said...


I "found" you through the comment you left on the LWB blog regarding the adoption of a child with cleft lip/palate. We are also just starting out on the special needs adoption process from China. In fact, we're hoping to hear that our agency has approved our application this week...or maybe next. :) We feel that God's chosen daughter for us is a "heart baby" but we also put down that we were open to a heart/cleft child on our medical conditions checklist. I just find those little cleft lips so absolutely KISSABLE!

You can visit me on blog at Along with my own story, I'm linked to several other SN adoptive moms and a wonderful SN foster home in Beijing. I think you might enjoy. :)

Many Blessings,
Tara Anderson