Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!
I wanted to let you know that we talked to our social worker this morning.
Karla is her name and she's so knowledgeable about adopting from China.
Can you imagine having a job where you connected children with their forever families?
She gave us an overview of the international adoption process.
I wrote just as fast as I could, so here's my take on how this works.

Our first step is to mail in our first of four payments to the agency.
Yes, I'm certain we have $2,242.50 hiding around here somewhere!?
God bless Karla, she was very understanding that I wouldn't be mailing that check out today.
We'll prayerfully consider how we will meet that financial obligation.

Next, our second step is to meet with Jennifer, another social worker, to start our home study.
The home study consists of 3-5 meetings between the Hinson four and Jennifer.
She will review our file and lives in depth to make sure everything is in line.
Karla was very kind to explain that there usually isn't anything that would prevent us from adopting, just things that we might have to work through.
Of course I needed examples.
She said criminal records, health and finances are the main areas.
Whew, I don't know what I thought she would say but I think we can handle those areas! :)
At the last meeting of our home study process we will meet at the adoption agency with Jennifer and Karla.
We will begin to discuss what the trip will be like.
Karla said that she will prepare us for those first few days with our child.
The entire home study process typically takes 3-4 months.

During the home study process we will also be collecting other needed data for our dosseir (dah-see-A).
Karla says completing the dossier normally takes about 6 months.
Once our dosseir is complete it will then be sent for approval.
It must be approved through DHR and then with the Hague representative in Chicago .
After receiving final approval it will then be sent to China.

Once our dossier is approved in China then we will be officially logged into the system.
At that time we will be sent a desired child form.
With God's guidance we'll mark the special needs we feel comfortable with.
Karla encouraged us to spend time researching the special needs.

Finally, with the guidance of our desired child form they will match us with our child.
Once the referral is made it is sent to us for our approval.
After accepting our referral then we will begin travel arrangements.
Karla explained that the travel to China was a wonderful experience.
We even discussed the ability for us to take the boys with us!

So, wanna know our thoughts??
The thought of waiting 5-6 years for a healthy child is a little overwhelming.
I don't know that we really wanna go that route.
The option?
The referral for a special needs child is about 6 months.
But, the age of the special needs child once they come home is about 2 years old.
That's compared with 9-12 months old with a healthy child.
The special needs doesn't scare me, but the age does.

I called Karla back and explained our fears.
I told her that I wanted to be honest with her about what we were thinking.
We talked about the other countries available and even about domestic adoption.
I told her Andy and I would spend the weekend talking and praying about where God is leading us and call her first of next week.

Here's what I know...
He will calm our fears,
His plan will stand the test of time,
He will provide the needed resources,
and I am certain that He will use all of this to His glory.

Please continue to pray for our family.
Your love, encouragement and prayers are such a blessing!

God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

Always praying! I know you guys will discuss every option and decide what is best for your family. What is best, isn't always what's easy. It doesn't matter how old she is or where she comes from. I love her just about as much as I love your two boys and I don't even know if she is born yet!! She is a part of this family no matter what! I love you!

Amber said...

Sarah God will bless you and Andy so much for this. Adoption is overwhelming. We had all our papers filled out also during our infertility treatments. We have talked in length about fuure adoption. God will guide you through this!

Leslie Hughes said...

That is an overwhelming amount of information to take in all during one phone call! I know exactly how scary it is to be unsure if the path you are choosing is the one that is best for your family. Do not be afraid to ask about their domestic open adoption services or any other routes they may have for you. It is especally daunting when you see the price tag attached to all of this. I know a child is worth more than money but if you're investing in a child you want to invest it in the right places and right ways.
You will find the path your family is supposed to take. =) it takes time and research. <3

Allison said...

I am sooooo excited for all of the Hinson's. I know that you want to include the boys in all of this but just know that my door is always open for them to stay here. I can't wait to meet Miss Emily Margaret no matter where she comes from. I know you are talking about special needs but just remember either way this baby girl is always going to be special and loved no matter what. I love ya and have already thought of a fundraising idea:)

Jaime Salas said...

I am excited to follow your journey. We, too, are in the beginning stages of thinking about adoption (again.) We hope to adopt a boy. Not sure of age or domestic/international.

p.s. we did a cookbook adoption fundraiser to help offset the cost of our last adoption. Everyone loves a great cookbook!

Caitie said...

I found your blog through you TCB comment! My family and I are also pursuing adoption, so I thought I'd check it out! I've really enjoyed reading the stories about the process. So many of your feelings are so similar to the way I have been feeling about things.
We are in the very beginning stages (we found and agency and have been mailed paperwork). We are looking forward to seeing how God will work through this situation and provide the finances.
I'll be praying for your family as you allow God to work through you to provide a home for the beautiful little girl that He created to be your child.
I think it's great that you are blooging about this! It will be awesome to look back and see how God unfolded His plans once everything is complete.