Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Sarah and I feel the need to introduce myself.
I am a child of God,
wife to the most adoring husband,
mother to two handsome and adventuresome boys
one baby girl.
Oh I know you haven't met her, it's ok, I haven't either.
But one day this child that is born from my heart will meet us all.
We'll laugh and hug and yes, I'm sure we'll probably cry too.
And God will look down on us and He will smile,
knowing that His will has been done.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and contributions,
we have a baby girl to meet!
God's blessings today and always, Sarah :)

1 comment:

Tara Anderson said...

It's a pleasure to meet you, Sarah. We have so much in common! :)

I love the thought of God smiling down on our Gotcha Days, knowing that His will has been done. What a beautiful thing to know that we are obediently following God's chosen paths for our lives and that He is PLEASED with us! Oh glory! I can barely stand it!!!