Monday, October 17, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the UGLY

Hi all it's me,
Emily Margaret's weary mama.
I wish I had the wit to make this post more palatable,
but I just don't have it in me.
So I give today's update in the form of
the good, bad and ugly.

The good: Emily Margaret's Visa came through today.
Talk about praising the Lord.
This mama even busted a couple of touch down dance moves!

The bad: We're still 2 weeks away from our Article 5
and then another 3-4 weeks away from our Travel Approval.

The ugly: When I asked for a possible travel time,
the answer was mid-December.
Not the October I was praying for
or the November I was told,
but December.

Believe me when I say there aren't words that could describe
the roller coaster of emotions that today has ridden.
I feel sorry for myself.
And then I remember that it's really my daughter
that's paying the price.


So I come before you to ask for prayer.
Please pray for Emily Margaret,
her fast journey home
and strength for our family.

God's blessings prayer warriors, Sarah


Our Family said...

No words can express ... We are praying feverishly. We know God has a plan, but it is so difficult to wrap our heads around it.

Tara Anderson said...

Sending hugs and prayers your way....

Leslie Hughes said...

oh, Sarah. I'm so sorry.=(

Chris said...

Oh Sarah....

I am lifting you up in prayer and your sweet little one!

Soon....very soon, you will be with your daughter.

Hang in there!