Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Baby Girl!

Today I'm here with 
a Boo for my baby girl.
Sadly Emily Margaret won't be joining us
for Trick-or-Treats this year.
***Insert Charlie Brown's voice 
saying"I gotta rock." :(
Because that's pretty much how 
us Hinsons' feel.
Every celebration is merely bittersweet.
Good thing we'll have lots of
candy to drown tonight's hallow-sorrows. ;)

When Emily Margaret FINALLY comes home
this will be her 1st Halloween costume.
a lucky ladybug! 

So, when you see the newly formed Hinson 5
 trick-or-treating the Christmas tree, 
just know it was bound to happen.
Because next year she'll need a whole new costume. :)

 Happy Halloween
Baby Girl,
your Mama loves you more
than a hog loves slop!!!!

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